Using Facebook and Instagram with Shopify: How to Sell on Social Media From Your Website in UK

Using Facebook and Instagram with Shopify: How to Sell on Social Media From Your Website in UK

How to sell on Facebook and Instagram with Shopify? How to add a shoppable feed to your Shopify website? Learn how to set everything up and start selling on social media directly from your website in UK!

Facebook and Instagram’s growing popularity, the ease of integration, high user engagement, makes it an essential marketing and sales tool for any website owner, business entrepreneur, and Shopify store.

Ecommerce businesses and brands have to take advantage of Instagram’s popularity if they want to keep up with their customers. With numerous apps and a secure infrastructure that allows brands to reach more customers, social media platforms have pushed the limits for what ecommerce stores can achieve through their marketing efforts.

Shopify and social media are rolling out the option to sell products directly, get closer to your customers, and promote your product offerings.

Double Sales with Selling on Instagram

Allow your shoppers to browse, shop, and buy products directly from your Instagram posts, photos, and stories.

This is a great chance for you to showcase all of your products, your brand, and how unique your business is. This is a chance for you to get your products in front of 500 million shoppers on Instagram.

Offering a smooth, simple, and convenient shopping experience is one of the greatest advantages of selling on Instagram. You can provide your UK customers with a consistent in-app shopping experience. The best part is that you can use only one product inventory that is synced across all places you sell in, for example, your online store, an online marketplace, social media, and etc.

You will not only satisfy your UK shoppers, but you can also connect with shoppers from all over the world who love to explore and purchase new products.

Selling on Instagram will help you inspire new shoppers, grow brand awareness, and acquire loyal customers. You can make any Instagram post, photo or story a great shopping experience. By adding product stickers to your stories or tagging your products in posts, you will attract attention to your Shopify store and be even more discoverable.

Shopify and Instagram are also rolling out the option to directly tag shoppable items in your photos.

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Integrate your Shopify store with your Instagram page, set up Shoppable Instagram posts, and watch your UK-based business grow!

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